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Reluctant Brides (4 Books) by Elizabeth Rose. Historical Romance. My Review.

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This is a boxed set of four full-length medieval novels from four of Elizabeth's series with reluctant brides. 

This set includes: 

Lord of Illusion - Book 3 

(Legacy of the Blade Series) 

Wanting to live a different life, Lady Abigail uses a robbery on the road as an excuse to escape her guards who are taking her to marry a man she hates. Madac ap Powell is a thief, who uses his disguises to his advantage, trying to support his mother and brother. Although he hates the life he lives, he finds a young lady in the woods who hates her life even more. Can a lady and a thief help each other realize exactly what they are running from? 

Ruby - Book 1 

(Daughters of the Dagger Series) 

Ruby de Burgh is furious when her father promises her hand in marriage to the Lord of Death, Nyle Sheffield. The man's last three wives have died and rumor has it, he's killed them. Lord Nyle Sheffield is on a mission from the king, and at the same time trying to flesh out the murderer of his late wives. So when he finds Ruby who is skilled with a sword and also able to protect herself, he makes a betrothal so he can use her as a pawn to draw out the killer. 

The Baron's Bounty - Book 2 

(Barons of the Cinque Ports Series) 

The Scottish lassie, Isobel MacEwen, is sent as a proxy to marry the English lord, Conlin de Braose in her cousin's stead. But before she leaves, she is witness to the Scottish king's murder - but has only seen the shoes of the killer. Isobel is infatuated with shoes and has learned to identify people by their shoes and the way they walk. Lord Conlin de Braose is a widower, and also a Baron of the Cinque Ports. It's important to him to make an alliance with the Scots, as well as to secure a mother for his young daughter. But when he finds himself falling in love with a proxy, his life is turned upside down. 

Ian - Book 3 

(MadMan MacKeefe Series) 

Kyla has grown up alongside her older brother, always having eyes for Ian - her brother's best friend. But Ian thinks of her as a pest and the furthest thing from a romantic partner. Ian is troubled by his secret, dark past. When he sees a face in the Samhain fire of an enemy he killed, he has no idea the dead will come back to life. And while he's worried about confronting an enemy again, what troubles him more is that his best friend's sister is in love with him - and now she's to be married off to his enemy to make an alliance with the clan. Will Ian's tarnished past come back to haunt him, exposing his secrets and taking from him a woman who holds a special place in his heart? 


Lord Of Illusion


Lady Abigail Blackmore is on the way to marry a man she hates.  She is determined to escape that fate.  Our heroine is a little selfish at the start of our story.  She has a lot of growing up to do before her wedding. 
Madoc ap Powell has always been a thief.  He did work with a gang for a short while but didn't agree with their methods, so now he is on his own.   He also keeps pigeons for messages and hopes to race them.  Our hero likes to use disguises and illusions.  That will come in very handy with the problems he us about to face.  His family have been keeping a very big secret from him. 
Lots of danger,  but also lots of giggles.  Wonderful characters that we will meet again. 
This is part of a series but can easily read alone.  It does link in with the others but not enough to spoil them if you haven't read them yet.  I will make sure I go and read them.  I loved it. 



Lady Ruby de Burgh is the oldest of Lord Blackpool's four daughters.  She is happiest when she is training with her weapons.  Her father has never made her do all the things a lady is supposed to do.  So when he introduces someone who has come to choose a bride she knows it won't be her.
Lord Nyle Dacre of Sheffield must have a bride quickly if he is to take on a very special task for the King.  His problem is someone has already murdered three women he married.  He needs to find one who will not be afraid.
Although this story has lots of danger in the unlikeliest places it is very funny.  Our heroine can cause problems without even trying.  Our poor hero needs eyes everywhere.
This is the first in a marvellous series.  I'm sure you will want to read all if them.  I loved it.

The Baron´s Bounty


Lady Isobel MacEwen has a terrible weakness,  shoes.  Her cousin uses that weakness to get Isobel to do all sorts of things she shouldn't,  Like meeting her betrothed instead of her.  Isobel sees much more than she wanted to that night.
Lord Conlin de Braose, Baron Sandwich.  As a cinque port Baron he and the others control the fishing and trade that comes ashore.
As a widowed father he has decided his daughter needs a new mother. So he makes an alliance with Laird MacEwen to marry his daughter.
This story has some truly hilarious parts, mainly because of our heroines addiction.  Even when our lovely hero knows he is being played, he can't stop it.  There is something strange happening.  Is there a murderer on the lose?
You will meet some fascinating characters,  some are friends from the first book in the series.  Because of that it would be best to read the books in order to avoid spoilers.
I can't wait to read the next one in the series.



Ian  was a foundling brought up by the MacKeefe  clan.  He has a darkness in him because he has always wondered about who his real family was.  He considers the other two "mad men MacKeefe " like brothers.  A man doesn't make a move on the little sister of his best friend. He did try to find his own family but decided he preferred the clan he grew up in.
Kayla  MacKeefe has followed her brother and his two best friends around since she can remember,  but her feelings for Ian are those of a woman not a pesky little sister.  She is twenty years old now and her brother and his friends still treat her like a child.
This is the third in a series that should really be read in order.  There is lots of danger and adventure in this story.  As it set around Halloween there is a little bit of a spooky feel to it.  Our hero tries his best to be a good man,  but carries a secret that affects everything he does.  Our heroine is a brave an independent woman,  who is fed up with being over protected by the men in her family.
A wonderful box set that covers three sexy Highlanders and their strong women.  I loved every page.  


Elizabeth Rose is the author of medieval, paranormal, fantasy and contemporary novels. While based on romance, her novels have complex plots, action and suspense. She loves writing bad boy tortured heroes and empowered feisty heroines.

Her books have won rave reviews, and been seen on The History Channel as well as Wild Chicago. She has been a Sapphire Award finalist, and been nominated by Romantic Times for a Reviewer’s Choice Award.

She is also a freelance artist and photographer, and has designed and created all her own e-book covers as well as created all her own book trailer videos.

She has several series: The Legacy of the Blade Series, Daughters of the Dagger, Elemental Series, Tarnished Saints Series, Greek Myth Fantasy, and her newest, her Scottish medieval MadMan MacKeefe series.

She hopes to visit the castles of Scotland and England personally some day. However, she has been to the jungles of Peru and Machu Picchu which inspired her novels, Curse of the Condor and Eden’s Garden.

Elizabeth’s trademark is a rose on the cover of each of her books, to let you know it is her work, since there are other authors by the same name. She also ends each novel with the title of the book being the last words of the story.

Visit her website to view her latest book trailers and to read excerpts of her work.

Virtue (Sons of Scotland #1) by Victoria Vane. Historical Romance ARC Review.

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A man without a past…

Abandoned at a monastery as a young child, Alexander serves two masters—God and the fading memories of his past life—the one he never got to live. As he nears the day to take his vows, he’s sent on a last sojourn into the real world, but what begins as a test of faith becomes a journey to manhood.

And a woman who doesn’t know her own heart…

Born from the line of two kings, Lady Sibylla Mac William is abandoned by her sire as a child and then ruled illegitimate. Though she lives a happy life under her uncle’s protection, Sibylla craves something more, but never could she imagine losing her heart to the would-be monk who unexpectedly arrives to tutor her brother.

Together, they will forge the future of a kingdom…

When dark secrets from the past come to light, Alex and Sibylla’s fates become inextricably entwined. Will Alex choose the safe and secure path he knows, or will he reject holy orders to embrace his true destiny… and the woman he loves?


Alexander is quite comfortable with his life in the monastery surrounded by books.  However before he takes his vows he is sent to be a tutor.  There is a reason he has been sent to that particular place that he will soon discover.  His ancestry and that of the people he is working for will cause them all a great deal of problems. 
Lady Sibylla and her brother have the blood of two kings running through them,  but because they have been declared illegitimate their claim to the throne of Scotland can never be. 
Her brother carries a grudge about it that could see them all in great danger. 
Set in a complicated part of Scottish history this is the start of a series that needs to be read in order.  We have a very unlikely hero and a headstrong heroine.  Both will put their lives on the line for those they love.  Political intrigue and self serving villains make this an exciting read. 
I can't wait to read the rest in the series. 


Victoria Vane is a bestselling author of smart and sexy contemporary romance and an award-winning author of historical romance. Her books have received many accolades to include the 2016 Red Carpet Award for Jewel of the East, 2014 RONE Award for Treacherous Temptations as well as Library Journal Best E-Book romance of 2012 for The Devil DeVere series.

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Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brother Trilogy #1) by Kathryn Greenway. Contemporary Romance & Giveaway.

Title: Pulled by a Dream
Series: The Matthews Brother Trilogy #1
Author: Kathryn Greenway
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2018 
Emily Darrow is ready for a change. She’s sold her interior design company, and is taking some time off to consider her options before starting a new life with new challenges. But when she inherits her Aunt Jane’s dilapidated farmhouse, along with all its memories, she realizes her future might not be exactly what she’d envisaged. Ignoring resistance from her family, Emily sets out to make her aunt’s dream a reality.
She abandons city life for the tranquillity of the quaint English village where she spent so many happy summers as a child, determined to make a success of her new venture. Emily is used to relying on no one but herself, and that’s just how she wants it. She certainly doesn’t need a man, especially one as stubborn as handsome carpenter Jake Matthews.
Jake’s dreams suffered an unexpected setback with the death of Jane Phelps, and when it becomes clear her niece has no intention of accepting his offer, he has to walk away. But when events take another turn and the pair have to work together, Jake can’t help but be attracted to her, despite her stubborn streak. A chance discovery, however, causes him to think that Emily is not all she seems. And if he’s right, there’s no way they could have a future together.
"All in all, an absolute stunner of a story from a seasoned author branching to new avenues."
"If you like your romances with well-rounded characters, well plotted, beautifully written, with a dash of mystery, and yummy sensuality, you really ought to try Kathryn Greenway's first release."
"With some gloriously descriptive locations and a cast of secondary characters that each added more than their own tuppence worth to the situation, this was a generous story, the author spoils us with not only the quality of the work but also the depth of sensitivity that she imparts. Beautifully written, this is an author that I may not have read before but that I would certainly read again. First Class."  - Books Laid Bare blog
Kathryn Greenway lives on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of the UK, in a typical English village where there are few secrets, and everyone knows everyone else.
She writes romance in different genres, and under different pen names, but her goal is always the same - to reach that Happily Ever After.
Pulled by a Dream is Kathryn's debut novel, although in a whole other life, she is a bestselling author of gay romance.

More Than Love You ( More Than Series #3) by Shayla Black. Tour & Excerpt.

I’m Noah Weston. For a decade, I’ve quarterbacked America’s most iconic football team and plowed my way through women. Now I’m transitioning from star player to retired jock—with a cloud of allegation hanging over my head. So I’m escaping to the private ocean-front paradise I bought for peace and quiet. What I get instead is stubborn, snarky, wild, lights-my-blood-on-fire Harlow Reed. Since she just left a relationship in a hugely viral way, she should be the last woman I’m seen with. On second thought, we can help each other… I need a steady, supportive “girlfriend” for the court of public opinion, not entanglements. Harlow is merely looking for nonstop sweaty sex and screaming orgasms that wring pleasure from her oh-so-luscious body. Three months—that’s how long it should take for us both to scratch this itch and leave our respective scandals behind. But the more I know this woman, the less I can picture my life without her. And when I’m forced to choose, I’ll realize I don’t merely want her in my bed or need her for a ruse. I more than love her enough to do whatever it takes to make her mine for good


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“Hi, Sleeping Beauty.” She grins my way. “Sorry about that. I can’t remember the last time I just fell off.” “You obviously needed it. Feel better?” “Tons. Thanks. How about you?” “Great. I love drinking alone.” Her smirk says she’s poking harmlessly at me again. “But you gave me time to finish the dishes, do some laundry, read War and Peace…” “Stop,” I groan. “Three hours is a long nap. I admit it. You going to ease up now?” “When teasing you is so fun?” She raises a brow. “What do you think are the odds?” Shitty. “How can I make it up to you? If you want to hop out of the pool and come to my bedroom, I’ll do my best to put a big smile on your face.” “I’m intrigued,” she admits. “But in between chapters of the sad Russian saga, I Googled you. You’re, um…a big deal.” I feel heat rush to my face. I’m used to people talking about me, but I’ve never been completely comfortable with it. “I’m told I was. But like I said, I’m retired now.” “Hall of Famer, for sure.” “So my agent assures me.” I shrug. “I’m trying not to linger in the past. I still have a lot of life to live.” She splashes around a little more. “I don’t know. You’re practically ancient compared to me.” Is this woman going to rib me about everything? Probably. And I still think it’s oddly adorable. It’s way more entertaining than the bowing, scraping, and yes-sirring I’ve been hearing for years. “How much older?” “Almost nine years. When you were graduating from high school, I was starting junior high. These days, do you need vitamins before sex or a little blue pill?” Now she’s laughing, and I find myself smiling in return. “Fuck you.” “That is the idea…” “Come here, baby.” Her eyes sparkle under the moonlight, and it’s all I can do not to jump in after her, clothes and all. I want my hands on her now. “Why don’t you drop trou and come in after me?” “You’re all wet.” She purses her lips together, and I know she’ll make one hell of a sexy bad girl. “Don’t you want me that way?” The way I feel now? Every day, all day. “Just your pussy. That should be juicy and swollen and ready for my cock. The rest of you shouldn’t be wet unless I’m making you sweat in pleasure.” “You sweet talker, you…”.
More Than Want You, Book 1

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More Than Need You (More Than Words, Book 2)

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Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty novels. For nearly twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages. Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years. Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her teenage daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

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