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Vengeance Aside (Wanted Men, #0.5) by Nancy Haviland. Mafia, Romance, Blog Tour, ARC Review & $20 G.C.Giveaway.

Vengeance Aside

by Nancy Haviland
Wanted Men, #0.5
Publication Date: November 21, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Organized Crime, Mafia, Romance



Revisit Nancy Haviland’s bestselling mafia series with this prequel novel featuring a Russian mobster who is forced to put vengeance aside in order to please the Pakhan he calls father.
He sees her. He falls. He proves it by killing for her in a room full of his associates. Now he’ll take her home and try to convince her a love that descends like a hammer is one that can last a lifetime.
She sees him. She stumbles. She proves her sophistication by fainting, then comes to in a Russian mobster’s compound. Now she’ll protect herself while experiencing all the things she’s been denied her entire life.
**This novel is a prequel to A Love of Vengeance (Wanted Men #1) but can be read as a standalone.**



Lukas Zavrazin is sitting at his father's hospital bedside thanking God and the surgeon for saving him.  There was an attack at a meeting of Russian "families" and his father was shot.  Now his father is playing the guilt card by telling him to marry and make babies before it's too late.  
Dale Vaner is not as upset as she should be to be leaving her home and the man she was living with.  She shut her emotions down years ago.  Nobody can hurt her anymore.  
Our hero is a mobster and makes no excuses for it.  He loves his family deeply and will do anything to protect them.  
Our heroine is an independent hard working woman.  I don't think she realizes how lonely she is.  
This is a romance, but not your hearts and flowers kind.  The things that happen are not for the squeamish.  It is part of a series that I'm already addicted to.  You can easily read it on it's own,  but be warned.  Once you start this series you will want to read them all.  They are very exciting,  even if you might be terrified to put yourself in our heroines shoes. 


Nancy Haviland is an award-winning, bestselling romance (suspense, erotic, contemporary) author who writes about her possessive alpha males and their obsessively loved women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. Her greatest loves are her family and that ever-present cooling cup of coffee at her elbow.
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