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Brogan´s Promise (The Mackintoshes & McLarens #3) by Suzan Tisdale. Historical Romance ARC Review.

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No one understands the depths of Mairghread Mactavish’s grief. Despair and sorrow clings to her heart, weighing it down to the point she is no longer certain it even beats. After her husband and infant son are murdered during a late night attack on their keep, Mairghread turns to wine and whisky to help ease her suffering.
Unwilling still to let go of the past or the bottle, her life begins to spin out of control. Soon, she will be forced to marry a man infamous for killing wives who displease him. Unless she can find someone else to marry instead, her future is as bleak and dark as a Highland sky during a rainstorm.

Widowed Highland warrior Brogan Mackintosh has no desire to remarry. Until he meets the lovely Mairghread Mactavish. One glance into her emerald green eyes and the heavy cloud of grief was lifted from his soul.
Walking away would be easy once he learns of his bride’s dark secret. But a Mackintosh warrior is made of much sterner stuff. Brogan has never been the kind of man to turn a blind eye to someone in need. Facing these challenges head on like the battle-hardened warrior he is, Brogan is determined to help his new bride overcome the demons that haunt her. In doing so, he gains glimpses of the truth surrounding the murders of her husband and babe.

Can Brogan unravel the mystery and provide Mairghread with the perfect weapon for revenge? Will she finally find the peace she has longed for?


Mairghread Mactavish fell into the wine flagon when her husband and son were murdered and now three years later is still there.  The old women who have cared for her are desperate to find her a husband before her uncle returns with an evil Frenchman. 
Brogan Mackintosh had his own battle with the booze when his wife died and doesn't want to marry again. 
Our hero is a very good man who will protect anyone weaker than himself.  In this story he will have to be at his strongest mentally and emotionally. 
Our heroine has not been able to remember what happened that night, but someone explained it to her.  That is what has caused her problems and turned her into a bad tempered drunk. 
This is a very emotional story that might upset those that can relate to the problem . Our author deals with it by pulling no punches but also turning it into a wonderful book.  There are lots of much happier things happening as well,  and some great characters to meet in this most unusual clan. 
You will also be able to catch up with some old friends from previous books in the series. 
I loved it. 



A USA Today Bestselling Author, storyteller and cheeky wench, SUZAN TISDALE lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband and the youngest of their four children. Her pets consist of dust bunnies and a dozen poodle-sized groundhogs - all of which run as free and unrestrained as the voices in her head.


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