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Seduced By The Sea Lord (Lords Of Atlantis#1) by Starla Night. Paranormal Romance Release & ARC Review

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Tattooed mer-shifters are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!
Determined warlord Torun cannot wait to claim Lucy, who mistook him for a shipwreck survivor and pulled his injured body from the ocean. All his instincts tell him she is his soul mate. Now she must join with him and give him a child.

Lucy can’t believe the words coming out of this hard-bodied male. He insists her destiny is to become a mermaid queen and mother to his future children. The one thing “destiny” forgot to mention was that Lucy’s a broke divorcee who can’t even have a child. It’s really too bad, because his gorgeous lips are all too kissable, and she’d love to see his iridescent gold tattoos moving as he flexed those broad, hard pectorals under the water...

But Torun’s in more immediate danger than a bad bump to the head, and Lucy is the only one who can save him. Their choices will either save the entire race of mermen, or destroy it forever.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending. Also, it features steamy mer shifter love scenes, underwater gun fights, and a giant female octopus named Mr. Huggles. Fall in love with these men of the sea!


Lucy Shaw is trying to rebuild her life after her divorce.  Her husband took everything and left her after she could not give him children.  Now she is back with her true love, the sea. What treasure will she find this time??. 
Torun,  Warlord of Sireno is classes as a traitor to his own kind because he thinks they should look for brides from amongst the humans. 
What is the true treasure to be found under the sea?  Is it the sea opals or the Mer Warriors?. 
A lovely story unlike anything I have read before.  The idea of living beneath the oceans appeals to me.  Having the "guardians" they have as protectors also looks like fun.  I loved every page.  There must be more. 


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Starla Night was born on a hot July at midnight. She hikes, scuba dives, and swims naked in the ocean.

She writes about smoking-hot dragon-shifter billionaires and steamy alpha merman-shifters at

She is a secret agent of the Mer-Human Alliance.

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