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Count On Me, by Abigail Graham. Magical Romance & ARC Review

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Count Conrad's word is law, and he's decreed I will give him a baby!

I was desperate, alone and lost. Like a white knight, Count Conrad took me in, giving me food, shelter, and a warm bed.

I didn’t know the bed would be his.

He expects me to serve him—in every way! But I’m not surrendering to his arrogance that easily.

Except every word he speaks is a sin, sensual and teasing. He’s a cold as the castle walls and harder than the stones, but I think he likes my resistance. When every conversation is like foreplay and every meal a battle, every night becomes a struggle to not give in to our desires.

I should leave, but he says I can’t escape. Not from him, and not from the connection we have. I don’t want to believe him, but it feels like we’re linked. He might act like a beast, but there’s beauty in his soul.

But he hasn’t told me the complete truth.

The castle keeps dark secrets, and the truth will put our lives in the greatest of danger.


Roxanne Giulimarco is trying to lose herself.  No matter where she goes she can't seem to hide.  A plane trip to the middle of nowhere and dumping all her technology just might work.  She doesn't realize just how far out of the way she is going. 
Conrad, Count von Grauberg  is the lord of the castle and surrounding lands.  Can he stop history repeating itself or must he lose everything again. 
Wow !  what a story.  A magical curse,  an everlasting love story and historical type battles.  This book has it all.  Our tormented hero is forever trying to save his family.  Our heroine must dig deep into her memories to find the key to save them all before disaster strikes. 
An absolutely wonderful book, with great characters.  I loved every page. 


Abigail Graham is a Delaware native and former English teacher who now writes romance novels full-time. She published her first book in 2014, a serial entitled Paradise Falls. Since then she has published six novels, with more on the way!

Abigail holds degrees in history, literature, and education. When she's not writing, she enjoys all things geeky, binge watching soap operas, and hanging out with her two cats, Darius and Xerxes.

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