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Ruthless Knight (Legendary Bastards Of The Crown #2) by Elizabeth Rose. Historical Romance My Review.

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Rook the Ruthless is one of the triplet bastards of King Edward III. At birth the king ordered them killed, since triplets were thought to be bad luck and spawned by the devil. But they were saved in secret and taken to Scotland to be raised in secret.

Now, two decades later, Rook lives in the catacombs of the ruins of Lanercost Priory, having had to hide years ago when Edward pillaged and burned their homeland. He and his brothers have been raiding the king, working together as the legendary Demon Thief, in vengeance after finding out the truth of who sired them.

Rook's brother Rowen has betrayed them, and Rook and Reed have to carry on the raids without him or his pirate crew. But when a raid gone bad leaves them in a horrible position, their legend is threatened to be put to rest. Rook's heart is black and he will never change his ways, letting his hatred of his father rule his life. But one night he finds a woman named Calliope in his catacombs, and he is captivated by her beauty and kindness. With her presence she brings light back into his life, and Rook starts to question the choices he's made as well as all his ruthless acts.

Can the Lord of the Underworld be brought from the darkness by the angel who sees a spark of light in his soul that he doesn't believe is there? Find out in Ruthless Knight - Book 2 of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. Don't forget to also read the prequel, Destiny's Kiss, and the other two books in the series, Restless Sea Lord - Book 1, and Reckless Highlander - Book 3. For more information please go to


Rook Douglas is one of the triplets that are King Edward´s bastards.  When they discovered who they were, they swore vengeance on the king. They gave been stealing from him for years. 
Rook is devastated that one of his brother's has betrayed them. 
Lady Calliope Duval is doing her best to make sure the peasants of her village do not starve to death.  Her uncle who took over the lands on the death of her father takes everything. 
Our hero is a very embittered man who feels abandoned,  with no hope of change.  Our heroine is selfless and always looks for the good in everyone. 
While you could read this story on it's own it's more enjoyable to read the series in order. 
You can't help but get involved in the lives if our characters.  A hard look at the lives of medieval peasants and their reliance on a good overlord. 
I loved it and can't wait to read the next one. 


Elizabeth Rose is the author of medieval, paranormal, fantasy and contemporary novels. While based on romance, her novels have complex plots, action and suspense. She loves writing bad boy tortured heroes and empowered feisty heroines.

Her books have won rave reviews, and been seen on The History Channel as well as Wild Chicago. She has been a Sapphire Award finalist, and been nominated by Romantic Times for a Reviewer’s Choice Award.

She is also a freelance artist and photographer, and has designed and created all her own e-book covers as well as created all her own book trailer videos.

She has several series: The Legacy of the Blade Series, Daughters of the Dagger, Elemental Series, Tarnished Saints Series, Greek Myth Fantasy, and her newest, her Scottish medieval MadMan MacKeefe series.

She hopes to visit the castles of Scotland and England personally some day. However, she has been to the jungles of Peru and Machu Picchu which inspired her novels, Curse of the Condor and Eden’s Garden.

Elizabeth’s trademark is a rose on the cover of each of her books, to let you know it is her work, since there are other authors by the same name. She also ends each novel with the title of the book being the last words of the story.

Visit her website to view her latest book trailers and to read excerpts of her work.

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