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Water Dragon´s Baby. (Elemental Dragons #3) by Scarlett Grove. Sci-Fi Dragon Shifters + ARC Review.

Their need for each other transcends time and space … but making their mating a reality will take all their strength combined. 
Elementary school teacher Ella Turner has always played it safe. But when she realizes that life is passing her by, she signs up for the Draconian mating lottery. She’s matched to the impossibly sexy Shay Vishak, the Water Prince of Galaton … and then learns the whole truth. If she doesn’t accept him -- and agree to long-distance fertilization with his seed -- the man she already longs to touch will die from the agonies of the mating thrall. 
Even knowing his mate is pregnant and on her way to him, Shay is tormented by the need to make Ella his own. The news that the Mulgor, Draconia’s ancient enemy, are lying in wait along Ella’s route forces Shay to abandon his throne and race to her rescue. 
By the time Shay and his new family return to his underwater kingdom, the Coral Palace has been seized by upstart dragons. Can Shay protect Ella and their child and reclaim his throne, or have they risked everything only to lose their happy ending when it’s finally within reach? 
Water Dragon’s Baby is a short read paranormal romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ending. Recommended for readers 18+ due to explicit content. 

School teacher Ella Turner is asked by her class, why she hasn't entered the mating lottery.  That sets her thinking about what she wants out of life. 
Shay Vishak is the Water Dragon prince of Galaton.  He like the other three princes is having to battle to hold on to his throne.  Luckily he is the most powerful dragon on the planet. 
This is part of an all action,  sexy, Sci-fi romance series.  Although each story is separate and could be read on their own,  if you are going to read the series it's best to read them in order.  A very entertaining read. 


Scarlett Grove is a Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author.
Between writing books she's wrangling two and four legged babies around the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. With a lifetime love of fantasy and science fiction adventure, Scarlett lets her imagination soar in her sexy romance stories. She loves the heat of an alpha hero and a strong heroine falling madly in love.

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