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Title: Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World
Authors: Various
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 13, 2016

Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

My Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World is an amazing world filled with the action and suspense of fighting fires and the drama of saving lives, combined with the intimacy of those moments when the heroes and heroines are brought together amid the danger.

From battling huge blazes all across the city to saving accident victims to working with all forms of law-enforcement, Dallas Fire & Rescue explores every facet of heroic action and romantic adventure. And the stories don't necessarily have to be tied to the Dallas area, either. They could just as easily take place anywhere, as long as there’s some tie to Station 58 and the men and women who work there.

With heroic firefighters and life-saving paramedics, the possibilities for stories are limitless, and I'm excited about other authors writing in the world I love so much.


Dragon shifter Connor O'Rourke is an arson investigator.  He has been sent to Dallas to help their fire service catch a dangerous arsonist.  He is in a difficult phase of his life, and that is distracting.  Especially when he realises who else is in Dallas. 
Jenna Dunne is a halfling dragon,  with an ability that serves her well in her job as a paramedic.  She left behind a man who could destroy her when she left her home town. 
There is much more to the fires than is first thought.  The person must be caught before the body count rises any further. 
An all action story that grabs you on the first page and doesn't let go.  Danger, sex and shifters with a very good story line.  I loved it. 


Rhys Kendrick is a bounty hunter and werewolf.  The bail jumper he has to catch is the son of the Alpha that killed his father, when Rhys was only fifteen . Going back to his home town after all these years will be hard.  
Celina Monaghan is a paramedic in Dallas but when her father demands, in his alpha voice that she comes home , she has no choice.  
Celina's whole pack is at risk from a neighbouring alpha.  The price for their safety,  Celina must mate the alpha's brother.  
This is a new to me author and her wolves have slightly different rules than others.  The females can't shift.  (That's discrimination)  it also gives those big alpha men an unfair advantage.  The bad guys in this book are really BAD.  Our hero however is  desperate to protect our heroine.  
A fast paced, action packed story that has made me want to read more of this author's work. 
Symphony Porter is a waitress with an unhealthy fascination for fire.  It soothes her when she is stressed.  At the moment she is very stressed.  Her mobile home is about to be repossessed unless she can come up with a lot of money.  
Nathan Zachary is an arson investigator. He is soon smitten by the new waitress in town.  Someone is setting fires in his town and he must catch them before anyone gets hurt.  
A fast paced, sexy and emotional romantic suspense.  Our heroine is a scared and lonely woman,  used to hiding her true self.  Our hero is arrogant and rides rough shot over everyone to get his way.  
A very enjoyable book. 


Special agent Jada Alexander is in the ATF with her sniffer dog.  They have been working with the Dallas fire service.  She owns a farm with no animals on it yet,  just her two fur babies. 
Nicklaus Aegir is a mechanic with the Dallas fire service.  He also has a very heavy load of emotional baggage.  
This is part of a kindle world series that I have been reading.  Unfortunately it's not really my flavour.  It's a contemporary romance.  Very sexy book but not quite enough story for me. 

Firefighter Royce Donovan has been helping his sister and her daughter in Dallas, but when he hesitates in a fire he struggles to cope. 
Samantha Vickers is a park ranger on a beautiful island.  She has her own reasons for picking such an out of the way job. 
This us a story of two people who have chosen different ways to cope with trauma, and how they moved past it. 
A sexy journey of self discovery Here is a lovely gentle story , with the fantasies of our characters having the most fun.  It links into a series by our author and a Kindle World.  But is easily read on it's own. 


Wade Roberts is the chief of the paramedics at the Dallas fire station.  He had a very bad break up with his ex wife, so he has buried his emotions in work and sex.  
Samantha  Weaver is a very successful real estate agent.  She had a bad relationship with a mentally abusive man, so to protect herself she stays away from men and has totally remade her life.  
This is a very sexy story with insights into they way the past can follow us and affect the future unless we fully come to terms with it.  The jobs these two do each carry enough risks to help them hide from their issues.  An enjoyable read.  


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