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Honor and Secrets (The Gypsy Gentlemen #1) by Sahara Kelly. ARC Review.

“One simply has not experienced pleasure until a Gypsy Gentleman has shared one’s bed.” An Anonymous London hostess, Carlton House, 1815 

Six men, united by war, form a friendship bonded by mutual respect and affection. Tired of fighting, they travel to England, cutting a swath through London’s Society with their music, their good looks and their outrageous sensuality. Each man is possessed of secrets better kept hidden, but together they are a force for good - and a delightful danger to the women who adore them. 

Hungarian Viktor Karoly is the ideal “Gypsy”. Dark, handsome and musically gifted, Viktor is growing tired of their London evenings, and accepts an invitation to visit Lord Eventyde’s country home. What he finds there? Something magical that casts a spell over both himself and the nymph dancing to the sound of his violin. 

Pyotr Josef is not in the least troubled to be on his own, misdirecting villains and leading them on a chase to nowhere in the English countryside. He is, however, considerably troubled when a body falls on him from a tree and he discovers to his utter astonishment that it is that of a young woman. And one he knows all too well. His secrets are secrets no more, and although the danger to his person is in the past, the danger to his heart has just begun… 

(Recommended for mature audiences) 



Viktor Istvan Karoly and his band of Gentlemen Gypsies are émigrés from a war torn Europe,  but they are all more than they appear.  Entertaining the fashionable Ton in London with their music is just for fun. 
Madelyne Eventyde is the disgraced and abused daughter of the host at the latest party.  A moonlight walk will change two lives forever. 
A sexy, romantic adventure.


Pyotr has shaken off pursuit and is congratulating himself on a job well done.  Suddenly his past life as Peter Maloney,  Lord Chalmers comes back to him in the form of a little redhead. 
Frederica Howell once had Honorable in front of her name.  That was years in the past when she knew Peter. 
Their meeting will force both of them to come to terms with the past and face the future. 
A lot of fun for a short story. 


I'm really rather boring... Honestly. I live a pretty hum-drum life as a wife and mother. I shop at the local supermarket and use coupons now and again. See? Boring stuff.

I live in New England, so I have a good supply of warm clothes, cool clothes and in-between clothes. Never enough, of course.

Having been born and raised in England, I do possess a well-developed feel for the English countryside. Comes in handy for those Regency tales.
Even though I was transplanted over to the US side of the Atlantic, I still have ties to all things Brit. I bake sausage rolls and make Christmas pudding. You can take the girl out of England, but not England out of the girl, I guess.

I'm not sure anyone can write really well unless they read. A lot. I read anything and everything these days. And mostly on my couch with a book on my knees. Yes, the technology is out there for electronic versions, but there's not much to compare with a shiny new hardcover from a favorite author. 

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