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Desire in Tartan (Highland Vampires Romance #3) by Suz DeMello. ARC Review.


The third Highland Vampires Romance!
Dugald Kilburn is sure that he'll never find love. And why should he?
'Tis rare for vampires and their mates to reproduce successfully and Dugald kens that. He's certain his lust caused his first wife's death in childbed.

Innocent Alice Derwent presents Dugald with a dilemma. She's different than any woman he's known, different and altogether alluring. And while the lady is innocent, her feelings are anything but.

Will he bed and wed the lady, risking her life? Or remain celibate, sparing her?

But when threatened with death, Alice decides she doesn't want to die without knowing Dugald's love. Can he resist her charms?

Dugald Kilburn is second in command to his Laird and has been sent to Glasgow to find a governess for their children.  The Glasgow Mop Fair is where people go to advertise themselves as available for work. 
Alice Derwent is in morning for her professor father, but that will not put food in her belly or a roof over her head.  Ever practical,  Alice joins the group of potential governesses at the mop fair. 
Our hero belongs to a very special clan with a secret that makes them stronger and live much longer than normal.( It could have something to do with the blood.)  Our very intelligent heroine has a traumatic journey up to the highlands,  but the company of the very sexy Dugald makes it all worth it. 
Will they survive the trip?  
There is a lot of sex and some pretty gory scenes, so only for adults.  This is part of a series that is better read in order,  but you could read this on it's own . An exciting paranormal /historical romance with a marvellous story line that I couldn't put down.  I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.  I loved it. 


An award-winning, best-selling romance novelist, Suz uses a pseudonym to protect her privacy. But if you're a romance fan, you've probably read her books or have heard of her, since she's known for layered, compelling novels charged with humor as well as emotion. 

Of her journey to the steamier side of writing, Suz says, “I love writing traditional romances, but after several years in the same mode, I felt that I really needed to cut loose as a creative artist and write hot, sexy books that reflect the wilder side of being human.” 

Suz’s books are fast paced, with seductive situations, complicated characters and a whole lot of kink! 

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